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SBIR grants.

"America's Seed Fund"
The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs are funding programs that encourage small businesses to engage in R&D with the potential for commercialization. Federal agencies give out $2B+ funding through these grants to thousands of small businesses.
Undiluted $1.5M+ capital
Federal agencies do not take any equity from your company. You get to keep your equity. It decreases your need to go through a grueling fundraising round with investors.
Validation for your technology
Getting a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant signals to employees and investors that you have a technology recognized by a panel of subject-matter experts.
Because you get to keep your equity, you get to keep your control over your company. It gives you freedom to build the kind of company you want and grow at the speed that you want. These new business start-up grants are a great way to build your company the right way.
Leverage for further investment
When you want to raise further rounds, government business funding, especially a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, increases your leverage with potential angel investors and VCs.
Every year, thousands of small businesses receive equity-free SBIR grants to launch their success.

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SBIR applications.

An application for an SBIR Phase I funding can take you 3 months to prepare. There are many different materials to put together by SBIR grant writing consultants with very specific requirements, but no good example to know what the agency wanted to see. If you never see what a proposal should look like, you may end up spending 3-4x more time than you projected. The entire process can be very time consuming, confusing, and draining.
+ Project Narratives / NSF SBIR Executive Summary
+ Technical Plan / NSF SBIR Project Pitch
+ SBIR Commercialization Plan / SBIR Accounting Services
+ SBIR Letters of Support / NSF SBIR Letter of Support
+ Biosketches
+ Budget Narratives / SBIR Cost Volume
+ ... many more small pieces
40+ pages of materials to prepare
SBIR numbers (2022)
Agencies awarding SBIRs
SBIR awards given in a year
Awards given in a year

We make it easy to get an SBIR

We develop innovative products and services (SBIR example proposal, NSF SBIR Proposal example ) to lessen your application burden and help you get the most out of your application.

We are entrepreneurs who have received an SBIR grant to launch our startups and we want to share our learnings and solutions with you to help other talented entrepreneurs access these grants.

Sample Proposal Package

Ideal for new applicants who want to see a few proposal samples
3 proposal samples
115 pages of materials
10-30 hrs of time saved
$1000+ value of time saved

Sample Proposal Package

Ideal for new applicants who want to see a wide array of proposal samples
9 proposal samples
486 pages of materials
10-30 hrs of time saved
$1000+ value of time saved

SBIR Phase 1 Proposal Review

$199 (50% off)
Ideal for applicants who spent weeks or months on their SBIR proposal. We will do a professional review of your draft, apply our methodology, identify weakest areas, and give actionable suggestions.
50% cheaper than hiring a consultant for review
Quick 7-day turn-around
Significantly improved chance of success
NDA signed to ensure privacy

Grant Search

$99 (50% off)
Ideal for applicants who want use their proposal materials to apply for multiple grants and multiply their chance of success.

We will conduct an extensive grant search based on your proposal abstract. Money-Back Guarantee if no applicable grant is identified.
Extensive grant search from non-public databases
Federal and other grant sources
5-10 hrs of time saved
Multiplied chance of receiving a grant
Quick 7-day turn-around
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE If no applicable grant is identified

30-min Consulting Session

Ideal for applicants who feel overwhelmed with the process or who is new to SBIR grants.

We will provide custom-tailored advice and tips on your SBIR strategy, how to leverage other grants, how to increase your chance of getting a Phase II grant, and how to use these grants to build a sustainable business.

We will match you with an experienced consultant who have raised SBIR funding to build companies.
Custom-tailored strategy for your technology
Strategies on how to turn the grant into a business
Save time and energy with grant preparation and grant compliance
Quick turn-around

Continuous Grant Search

$29/mo (50% off)
Ideal for applicants who don't want to miss promising grant application opportunities.

We will conduct an extensive grant search based on your proposal abstract every month.
Never miss a promising grant opportunities
Federal and other grant sources
2-5 hrs of time saved every month
90%+ cheaper than hiring a grant researcher
No commitment, cancel anytime

Phase I Proposal

Coming Soon
Ideal for new applicants to turbo-charge their preparation process.
20-40 hrs of time saved
Increased chance of success

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